Going Green

Phoenix Color's Environmental Management Policy
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Phoenix Color® has always been conscious of the impact our business has on the environment and we have put into practice many positive green initiatives to promote environmental stewardship. We have created a comprehensive environmental plan which dramatically reduces our consumption of resources and lessens our overall environmental footprint.

Certifications and Product Testing

SFI and FSC Certifications
Phoenix Color® is both SFI®(Sustainable Forestry Initiative®) and FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. These certifications were obtained in 2007 and are subject to annual audits by the certifying organizations.

Phoenix Color® is committed to implementing and maintaining both the FSC® & SFI® Chain of Custody according to the requirements of the standard.

Phoenix Color® requires all of our suppliers to provide documentation that raw material conforms to CPSIA regulations for lead and phthalate content. In addition we regularly test finished products the results of which easily meet all CPSIA standards for childrens’ books.


UV Printing Presses

Phoenix Color® has made a commitment to UV printing technology. In the course of the last three years we have increased our UV production from less than 50% of our production to nearly 100%. The UV presses significantly reduce the emissions of VOCs compared to conventional offset printing and allow us to deliver product more quickly to the customer.


Lighting Systems Upgrades